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Asbestos Removal Dos and Don’ts

Date Added: November 20, 2011 02:26:43 PM
Category: Asbestos Consultants

Asbestos Removal Dos and Don’ts

From 1930s through 1970s, the military and construction industry widely used a kind of mineral substance occurring naturally, called asbestos. This substance has been very easy to handle, was a great fire resistant and an insulator, the very reason why its popularity has increased among all kinds of buildings, starting from residential houses, to offices, schools as well as hospitals. It was only during the later part of 1970s that the risks of exposure to asbestos became highly evident. Investigations have revealed that asbestos actually creates a harmful working and living environment.

Asbestos is a very harmful material and its removal should be carried out properly as exposure can actually lead to graver consequences. Throughout the asbestos removal procedure there are things that you should, and should not do.

Dos of Asbestos Removal

  • Do take all the precautions needed in order not to damage the asbestos material.

  • Do lessen the activities in the areas that have damaged material which might contain asbestos.

  • Do make sure that asbestos removal and any major repair will be carried out only by trained asbestos professionals. Even minor repairs and sampling are recommended to be done by the professionals as well.


Don’ts of Asbestos Removal

  • Don’t sand, scrape, saw or drill holes in materials which contain asbestos.

  • Don’t sweep, vacuum or dust debris which might have asbestos content.

  • Don’t sand or even try leveling asbestos flooring and backing. If replacement is needed for your asbestos flooring, you can put another floor covering on it if necessary.

  • Don’t use brushes or abrasive pads on the power strippers for stripping the wax from the asbestos flooring; do not use power strippers on dry flooring.

  • Avoid transferring materials that might contain asbestos throughout your house, if you cannot avoid traversing through contaminated areas use a wet mop to clean it. If the material has been transferred from a damaged or contaminated area, the whole space needs to be thoroughly cleaned, it is advisable to contact an asbestos removal professional to conduct the procedure.


Major repairs should be carried out by professionals who have the knowledge and the equipment to safely handle asbestos. Even the minor repairs cannot be done on your own since there are always hazards of getting exposed to fibers when the asbestos has been disturbed. Aside from that, improper management of materials containing asbestos might also lead to danger when there was none that actually existed.

Asbestos removal might also be needed when major changes should be made or when you want your home to be remodeled which can disturb the asbestos material. Asbestos removal might be required when there is already an extensive damage on the asbestos materials and repair is already impossible.

Asbestos removal can be very complex and this need to be done only by qualified and professional asbestos contractors who have special training and equipment, incorrect asbestos removal might increase the risks to you and your family’s health.