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Title:Asbestos Insulation
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Asbestos Insulation; Asbestos is a set of naturally occurring silicate minerals.  There are six total and they all have long thin fibrous crystals.  Because of their unique and useful properties they have long been manufactured for commercial purposes.  It is the inhalation of these fibers, however, that can cause serious illness.

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Meta Description:For its abilities to resist heat and fire, act as a noise buffer and because it is a poor conductor, asbestos has been used extensively as an insulator. The list of uses for asbestos insulation is a long one. It has been used for electrical insulation, building insulation, hot water heating systems and more. What is more, this insulation has been used in industrial buildings, homes, municipal buildings- including schools and hospitals, cars, boats, ships, electrical wiring, space shuttles and appliances- things like toaster and hair dryers.
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